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Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords is best platform to drive quality traffic to your website instantly and generate sales in hours no matter what industry you are in. Our AdWords specialist can ensure the Top Ad ranking & Best score of your Ad & optimize conversion rate for better ROI.

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Why Business need AdWords

  • AdWords is 100% results based
  • You only ever pay for clicks, well-managed campaign can bring great ROI
  • Measurable exposure
  • Detailed targeting
  • Remarketing potential
  • In depth tracking/monitoring
  • Fast results
  • Detailed market insights
  • Better ROI

You may need multiple campaign to take advantage of the various networks, location and device options to Advertise. We recommend our clients to go for separate Campaigns according to the services to gain high exposure with every Campaign.


Ad groups to design specific Ad with target keyword and track performance of the Ads for specific keywords. This will perform better and attract more visitors to click on your Ads and allow you to minimize the cost per click and drive more quality traffic.

Ad Copy

Ad description that get you the quality traffic by enticing the users with actual product or services you provide, this will attract the right traffic and best ROI. We write the Ad copy according to every Ad with target keyword and get the right clicks.


Data is very important to improve the Ad performance and see the real results, it helps to improve Ad and also targeting right audiences. Conversion tracking set up with Google Analytics to track your Ad performance and improve Ad score.

To deliver great result we focus on:

  • Increasing Conversion Rate
  • Campaign Testing & Experiments
  • Increase Click through Rate
  • Increasing Quality Score
  • Improve Ad Position
  • Reduce PPC or CPC
  • Writing effective Ads
  • Maximize ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Landing page optimization
  • CRO

Boost Traffic

  • Increase Traffic
  • Lower cost per enquiry

Daily Budget

The clicks start from as little as 0.2 cent a click and vary according to the industry from keyword to keyword. The great exposure with AdWords is that you can set daily budget. If you only want to spend $10 a day, your campaign will not allow you to spend more than your daily limit, and you can spend based on recent Campaign ROI.

ROI Metrics

  • E commerce sales tracking
  • Brand tracking metrics and techniques
  • Keywords and search terms that result in online inquiries
  • Keywords and search terms that result in mobile inquiries
  • Track calls